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Download a Delaney

Posted by mahasen on 2011.06.24 at 13:40
Current Mood: working
I would refer you to my resources post for any questions concerning these sims, but as you can see I still don't have it up. I suppose that's what I get for not keeping some of these links. XD

Anyways, I'll take any questions here regarding any content I don't have links for just yet. I doubt I'll be posting every place I downloaded a new hairstyle, but I will try to remember or find the name for you. I've gone through countless skins before I settled on 234jiao's Asian Skin, but I'm sure they'll all work just fine without it. Clarise is the exception to this until I can finally edit her in game. She has EA defaults. The eyes I use are Tamo's Ultra-Plain Eyes, but again I don't mind you having to change those. I suppose the only thing I'm kind of iffy towards would be changing the facial structure. I use Ahmad's Facial Sliders, fortunately enough those are the only sliders I use.

The traits may be changed, but remember they are what make these characters so lovable. Aside from all that, drop me line, tell me if you're using any of them in a legacy and I'll definitely check it out. I'm sure they're bound to cause trouble in any legacy they come across.

Jackson Delaney



Clarise Delaney

Founder Spouse

Alexis Martin

Townie Spare

If there are any issues, go ahead and poke me or even if the link is down. I'll be sure to upload them again if I have to.

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