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The Delaney Legacy - 1.2

Posted by mahasen on 2011.09.03 at 20:47

Previous Updates: | 1.0 | 1.1 | Download a Delaney |

So I've done a very bad thing. I kind of kept playing until the point where I need an heir poll to continue. So here I am, if I had updated on a regular basis then maybe I could keep going. Now I can say I have learned my lesson when it comes to the next generation. So without further ado, here's the next installment and surely the next one will be posted in maybe a day or two.

My previous warning still stands, there be plenty of foul language in this post.

While Jackson reveled in the fact that they just had a baby boy, I couldn't help but get a little distracted by the babysitter's car. The only explanation would be the kid's parents or he's doing a little bit more than just babysitting on the side.

But naturally as soon as Thomas was placed in his crib, certain baby jingles followed.

Obligatory toddler skilling up shot. It's one of the few times that Clarise gets to spend time with her daughter.

And the baby food/gruel is still horrifying even though Gemma seems to like it.

Clarise: I look forward to the day where you can wipe your own ass.

Gemma: Is she serious?

Yes, I believe she is.

Now like any toddler, Gemma proceeded by spending her days waking her infant brother if she didn't get what she wanted.

Gemma: ATTENTION!!!! *wakes everything in a ten mile radius*

Let's ignore Clarise's creepy zombie eyes for a moment and focus on the fact that she popped again.

And this would also be the start of Jackson ignoring his son, clearly Gemma is far more interesting/superior to the larvae laying in his crib.

Jackson: You're daddy's little protege! Yes you are!

Jackson is usually the reason why Clarise never gets a moment with her. He rarely puts the poor kid down unless he has to go to work. And even then I think he'd take her if he could.

Why don't you let Clarise hold her for a little while?

Jackson: Nah, we're good.

Gemma: HELP. ME.

Sorry about your luck kid.

Hell may have frozen over, because it wasn't until the morning of Thomas' birthday that Jackson held him for the first time.

Jackson: Ahh...that sweet baby smell.

I think that may be something else.

Jackson: Oh! Oh...

Does anyone else have their sims stand there like a creeper? I swear this hasn't been the first time. Honestly Jackson, it's just a mobile.

Jackson: But it's so beautiful..*continues ignoring his son*

I've been trying to be good, even though this stage was a waste of time. At least it did give them time to skill up Gemma completely. I can't promise I'll do this for every child.

Meet Thomas Delaney in all his pouting glory. He rolled Neurotic and apparently he's a couch potato, so Jackson's going to love that about him. He enjoys Latin Music, Key Lime Pie and his favorite color is violet. He is also a Gemini. But Thomas is basically a copy of his mother, who's hair is probably going to be a curse on this family.

Five minutes into being a toddler, Thomas was forced to start learning some skills by a very hormonal Clarise.

Clarise: Listen, I brought you into this world and I can certainly take you out of it.

Thomas: *gulps*

Clarise: Now say 'My father is a douc-

Okay! Moving along.

This toddler spam is brought you by Mahasen, who apparently loves shoving them in your face.

Clearly the romance hasn't died in this relationship.

Jackson: You want some of this?

Clarise: Damn right I do.

Jackson: No!

Not once but twice he rejected her advances. It seems like there is constant rejection in this household if a.) Clarise is making the advances or b.) Clarise is pregnant.

So as a bit of revenge, she prevents Jackson from nearly spending every waking moment with the kid. Because Gemma isn't his favorite or anything. >_>

But once again the time was near, so the same babysitter managed to make a comeback. And it was probably the first time anyone seemed to favor Thomas over his sister.

Thomas: Is this real life?

Seriously. The babysitter seemed quite content with neglecting all of Gemma's needs. So enjoy it while you can Thomas.

Clarise: Why did I agree to this?!

Jackson: Don't ask me! *continues freaking out as though he's never been through this before*

And like the trooper she was, Clarise was forced to drive herself to the hospital again.

Another girl. Which is fine, considering the both of them rolled the want for a girl. Meet Wendy Delaney, originally I wasn't really going for naming theme for this legacy. So we'll see. If I do, all the names of this generation come from the show Sons of Anarchy.

The time had finally come, no more diapers for this child. Or at least they could only hope.

Gemma: *dazzles yet lacks the skin of a killer*

And she rolled Athletic just like her father.

Gemma: DERP.

I can work with this.

Much better. Even if she's constantly bitching about the lack of space in the house.

But regardless of the fact that she enjoys trolling both her parents and myself. Gemma has proven that she takes far better care of her little brother, sadly more than her parents.

I will forever love this interaction between siblings.

Gemma: BOO!

Thomas: AH!

These two will surely be the death of me.

Now Wendy on the other hand is the bane of her existence.

Gemma: Wake me again, I can assure you it will be the last thing you do.

Poor Jackson hardly has the chance to see his kids anymore, considering Clarise is still on maternity leave. But whenever he does return home, he bypasses Thomas screaming on the floor to snuggle up to his precious larvae.

Synchronized cheers, you know what that means.

Jackon: CAKE!

Gemma: CAKE!

Apparently that's all they ever care about anymore.

Not that Wendy can really enjoy it as she suffocates in her mother's chest.

I..well that's new. No idea where the blonde hair and grey eyes came from. What the fuck at EA, but at the same time it's not Clarise's hair.

I'm not about to complain, plus she's fucking adorable. Oh! she rolled genius and a loner by the way.

As if anyone didn't expect this to happen. But clearly Jackson favors his daughters.

Now is Gemma upset about this sudden change of attention? Not really. If anything it gives her a chance to spend more time with her mother.

Gemma: Bet you can't get your face to look like this! Bleh!

Clarise: Oh yeah?!

Never change, that's all I have to say.

Sadly I forget about you too, Thomas.

But I can always count on Clarise or Gemma to swoop in.

Thomas: Thanks Mommy!

You won't be so happy in a minute when you see the bowl of food Jackson brings you. Just sayin'.

Gemma: I will end you.

What ever happened to that good trait you rolled? Does your small heart need to grow three sizes? You love your little brother.

Gemma: And?

Ever since she rolled her athletic trait, it seems like she's been channeling her father whenever he isn't around.

Gemma: Is it so wrong that I want to eat healthy?

Not really. I know for a fact your father refers to it as rabbit food, so by all means.

Gemma is in a constant mode of working out, whether it be with her parents or not. Exercise has apparently become her best friend.

Let me just slip this in here. Alexis is one of my townies I introduced to twinbrook. I suppose you can say I wanted to see how well she was doing for herself.

But unfortunately she's earned a bit of a reputation for herself before she settled down with Bryce here.

Gemma: Still a slut!

Oh that's enough from you. Go back to your squats.

Again Clarise is about to get rejected. Like a boss.

Jackson: I'm telling you this because there's no way you'll remember. But I love you, Thomas.

I have no idea what brought on this certain display of affection. Perhaps it's because of the place he rolled the want to visit. But either way, Thomas was forced to stay there in stunned silence.

Now where the hell do you think you're going? And what's with the pouty face?

I have no idea if I scared anyone with the header image. But no one died, in fact I have no idea why he rolled the sudden want. Maybe he witnessed someone die at work. It's quite possible and in the end he spent quite a few hours out there mourning the death of sims he had never known.

Jackson, get over it already. You have a family waiting for you at home.

Jackson: But it's all so tragic! *sobs*


Back at the homestead:

Gemma: I HATE HER!!!

This will pretty much be the sentiment she offers Gemma every time she sees her.

And even though she managed to hide it from Jackson, there was no chance of Clarise doing the same to Gemma.

Gemma: He knocked you up again, didn't he?

Clarise: *eats her meal in silence*

Gemma: I hate you all.

That's right, she's got another bun in the oven. I told myself I would stop at three and then this happened. They wanted more, so they get more.

Perhaps because of the impending arrival of her new sibling, Gemma took it upon herself to make peace with Wendy.

Gemma: You see, her name is Houlihan. She's a top army nurse, who recently married the dashing Penobscot.

Gemma: Anyways, they clearly fell in love. But there was another man that truly held her heart. And his name was...

As you can see this truce didn't last for very long.

Gemma: I despise you.

You guys are hopeless.

At least when Jackson was around the house, he managed to teach his daughter the fundamentals. Or so I thought.

Jackson: Just remember, never accept anything less than two carats. Otherwise he ain't worth it.

Wendy: Carat!

Jackson: *claps* That's my girl.

Though after a while he seemed to forget he was the one teaching her and even encouraged her to repeat words back to him.

Wendy: Promotion!

Jackson: You really think I'll get it?

As long as you don't start using her as a magic eight-ball we should be good.

And while her parents were actually around the house to look after her siblings, Gemma took the opportunity to make friends. Not that it ever goes very well.

Gemma: How could you like waffles?! Pancakes are clearly superior in every way!

It's never a kid that she tries to befriend. Instead it was Bryce, who had apparently joined the police force since the last time I checked in on him.

Bryce: Listen, kid. I think it's about time you headed home. It's no place for someone your age to be out here by themselves.

Gemma: Fuck you, pig.

But it was about time that someone broke the news. Considering she was close to showing of her baby bump soon enough.

Clarise: Listen, Jax. I know I was planning on returning to the warehouse, but we may have to push that plan back a little longer.

Jackson: I'm not following. I thought you were thrilled about going back to work.

Clarise: Well that's the thing, we're going to have another baby.

Then there was silence, perhaps she broke him. Jackson? You in there?

Jackson: I...just give me a minute to-

Unfortunately he went down like a sack of potatoes. But shit happens when he's the only one working and he's forced to help look after the kids when he gets home.

See? You did break him.

Clarise: I did not! Jackson! Get up! *nudges him with her foot* Oh dear god, did I kill him?


Eventually he came around. He even seemed pretty thrilled when he had enough energy in him, but it was off to bed with him.

At least by the time he crawled back out of bed, he managed to catch the last bit of Thomas' birthday.

Thomas: SNARF!

*gigglesnort* Oh Thomas, that hair has to go. He rolled Hates the Outdoors by the way.

I can't tell if Gemma was more thrilled about the cake or having a sibling she could interact with.


Jackson however didn't seem too impressed by his son's new look.

Jackson: That's my son? Psh.

And once she had someone's ear, it was time for her to start plotting against her sister.

Gemma: There's no way she can be related to us. I mean that face of hers is completely hideous. Maybe we could donate her to science.

Gemma: They wouldn't even have to pay us for that find. I'd rather they just take her off our hands, you know?

Thomas: *snickers to himself* Classic.

Rarely do I get a bad feeling in this game, but this was unfortunately one of those times. If you give me triplets I will make your life a living hell.

Oddly enough, Jackson has been very attentive during this last pregnancy and I do stress that this will be the last. If they roll for anymore they'll simply have me side eying them as I right click.

Jackson: *brings on the smolder*

Really Jackson? Stop giving the woman mixed signals.

Being the ever doting husband, he expressed the importance of exercise to his very pregnant wife.

Clarise: That's nice, honey.

Clearly she takes everything in stride now or it was just a good day for her, otherwise his ass would have been grass.

Once again, the inevitable when Jackson was forced to call for a sitter.

Gemma: Did you have to knock her up again?!

Jackson: It seemed like a good idea at the time! *continues to panic*

I'm sorry you're surrounded by idiots. I really am.

Maybe because it was her last hurrah, Clarise took it upon herself to purposely walk around everyone in sight. Just to send them into a babbling panic until she stepped through those front doors.

Clarise's expression says it all.

Clarise: Fuck my life.

Can't blame the babysitter for wanting to get the hell out of there.

So ends this installment of the Delaney Legacy. Stay tuned for more birthdays, promotions and neglect. Oh and by the way, the twins names are Trinity and Tara. Kind of forgot about that when I faceplanted.


lostavenuea at 2011-09-04 10:47 (UTC) (Link)
Omg this was so epic. I've been like ppchtftpfffchtft through this whole update.
mahasen at 2011-09-05 15:13 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for reading. :D
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