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The Delaney Legacy - 1.1

Posted by mahasen on 2011.07.10 at 21:50

Previous Updates: | 1.0 |

First of all, I apologize for not updating a little sooner. These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. But without further ado, I bring the next installment of the Delaney Legacy.

Previously; Jackson Delaney made his grand debut in the city of Twinbrook. He stole, he cried (pretend I didn't share that one with you), he met a fellow little klepto named Clarise. Who surprisingly agreed to marry him even though Jackson has the habit of putting his foot in his mouth. Will it be the last time? Of course not, that's just not possible for this founder.

I suppose the only warning I have for this update is my foul mouth from time to time.

Luckily for my founder he did manage to coax his wife into some morning lovin'. I can say that Clarise has grown on me quite a bit and sadly I can't see anyone else dealing with this pain in the ass.

Jackson: Now I can die a very happy man.

You're welcome. And I have to report there were no jingles at this time.

Now why aren't you in bed providing me with some heirs, young lady?

Clarise: *pouts* I'm so tired, can't it just wa-

Nope, sorry. As far as I'm concerned we're already behind.

Squat like a man, Jackson. Squat like a man.

And contrary to Jackson's belief, his wife does not do everything he tells her to do. Now she could have been a stay-at-home mom, but not Clarise. Nope, she was ready to race her husband to the top.

Which is why this is all they do together. Eat, empty their bladders, exercise and sleep. Seriously guys? Seriously?

Well I've heard someone say it before, it's not a legacy until someone pisses themselves. So there you have it.

Jackson: ....And there it goes, I...yeah. *shakes his leg out*

Clarise: You disgust me.

Once again instead of starting a family, Jackson rolled the want to meet someone new, so he took a chance and went to the park again. Only to meet the lovely Kay Petitt (Pettit?) and her daughter who's name escapes me. Needless to say they hit it off, but that was mainly because she shared most of his traits.

Jackson even met her husband who...well, at least he isn't an exact copy. His brows are pretty fierce though, I'll give him that.

Jackson spent hours outside with them, playing chess or pushing them on the swings. He was apparently having such a great time that he was neglecting his wife at home, who...

Didn't seem to miss him at all. Go figure.

All seemed to be going well until Jackson tried expressing that need to exercise.

Mr. Petitt: Oh god, you're athletic? Get the hell away from me!

Jackson: The feelings mutual, you worthless layabout.

Not only did he come home in a foul mood after wasting his day with a worthless piece of shit, he was subjected to another botched meal cooked by his lovely wife.

Clarise: Sorry, babe. Looks like we'll have to order ou-

Jackson: You expect me to eat this garbage?! How worthless are you?!

Clarise: I was trying to say we had to or-WORTHLESS?! Where the hell is this coming from?!

Jackson: My name is Clarise Delaney. I want to be a master thief some day and try to out do my husband. Not that it will ever happen.

Clarise: You son of a b-
Jackson: What was that? I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my own awesome.

Clarise: I can't even look at you. Get out of my sight, Delaney.
Jackson: Gladly.

As you can see they easily got off on a good start. Jackson locked himself in his room and forced Clarise to sleep out on the loveseat.

Now whether he felt guilty or he completely forgot why he locked his wife out of their room remains to be unknown. But I will give him points for attempting to make it up to her.

He proceeded to apologize and even tried coaxing her back to bed. But it was obviously too soon for her to accept any affection from him just yet.

Clarise: Don't touch me!

Jackson: But..I love you.
Clarise: You have a funny way of showing it. I'll go back to bed, but cool your jets, alright?

Now he has babies on the mind. Yeah, it's a little late for that. You'll be lucky if she even wants to woohoo again.

But today was a new day, and he started it off by actually helping around the house. Which is very unusual for Jackson. If Clarise doesn't get it, he usually just leaves it on the counter to rot.

Unfortunately for my dear Clarise, today was just not her day.

Cop: Delaney? Why does that name sound familiar?

She missed her big homecoming and for a moment there Jackson actually seemed concerned.

Jackson: She left me, didn't she?


So he takes to the kitchen in an effort to win her heart and to spoil her with her favorite meal.

And by the time she was released, naturally she was in the red with practically everything. Needless to say I was surprised she didn't pass out on the steps.

But once again, she comes home to a very 'supportive' husband.

Jackson: Ha! What an idiot! That's how they caught the new girl?

Uh...Jax? *tries gesturing behind him*

Clarise? Where do you think you're going?

*sighs* So you get up from your cheap comfortable bed ...only to pass out on the living room floor? Okay then.

Yet the laughing from the bedroom informed me that Jackson could obviously care less about getting up off of his ass to check on his wife.

Clarise: I'm okay. I just need to..

Lay down? Actually use your bed instead of the floor? Or maybe kill your husband?

Clarise: Do you even care where I was tonight?!

Apparently she chose the option to yell at her husband...again.

Jackson: What do you want me to say?! It comes with the job, Clarise!

Shortly after this he rolled the want to woohoo Clarise. But considering the shit he put her through, she was having none of it.

But with my help and perhaps a little guidance, she finally agreed. Regardless of the fact that she didn't seem too thrilled. If anything Clarise looked as though she was plotting his demise the entire time.

*cues those baby jingles*

Fucking finally.

And then this happened, literally the next evening. These two are seriously off to a good start. Master thieves in the making, surely.

Cop: Didn't I ju-
Jackson: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Once again, I have a sim return home in the red. But he definitely had a more eventful time with it than Clarise. He managed to make a few friends along the way, friends that they could obviously trust in their home. >_>

So close and yet so far.

And this would be the start of many rejections from Jackson Delaney. He constantly trolls his wife.

I genuinely feel sorry for her and then he has to be sweet all over again. Naturally it's fine if he's the one putting the moves on her.

Clarise: I love you too, babe.

I'm sorry but I have no other reason to post this other than to laugh at the look on her face. So forced, I love it.

And as if she doesn't troll him in return, she used this opportunity to announce her promotion that she earned after three days. While Jackson has yet to earn one.

Jackson: That's great, honey. Really...I'm truly happy for you. *pats her shoulder while he slowly dies inside*

Interestingly enough, Clarise is still friends with the old woman who was forced to let her stay there.

At least until Clarise took it upon herself to let that little klepto come out.

Clarise: You see nothing. *waves her hand as though she were a jedi*

Really? So she's not going to notice you leaving with her washer and dryer?

Clarise: ...You see nothing *repeats the gesture*

Naturally all the funds they earned from poor Ms. Riddle went to providing them with a proper nursery.

And that was when a thought occurred to my dear Clarise. After a series of runs to the toilet and Jackson being the sensitive husband that he is.

Clarise: I couldn't be? Could I?!

Oh yes, yes you could. *insert evil cackle yet again*

Unfortunately she spent the day working out in denial.

Clarise: Can't let him beat me!

Eventually she got around to announcing her pregnancy to Jackson. Who remained oblivious to it until the night before she really started showing.

Clarise: Listen, I don't want you to freak out. But we're going to have a baby.

Jackson: Really?!

At least he didn't ask if the kid was his. It was tempting, but no, just no.

Then he gave her the thumbs up of all things. As if to say, cool story bro.

But aside from all of that, he did continue to roll the want to feel, listen and talk to her stomach. So far Jackson seems quite content with the news and it pushes at him a little more to keep those promotions rolling.

Jackson: I hear the start of a legacy! *tries to say it in a mysterious whisper*

What are you doing?

Jackson: I was just trying to tell the good people out ther-

They know what this is, leave that part up to me.

To pass the time Clarise usually had to fix everything in the house. And I mean practically everything, aside from the computer. Because let's face it, as if I want her near anything electrical.

Clarise: Why does this keep happening?!

Because for some reason you're klutzier than any clumsy sim out there.

Painting was safe. That was another past time she was forced to start, mainly because I wanted a founder portrait, plus a heir portrait when it came down to it. As you can see, she was off to a great start.

And apparently she thought this was a good idea when I sent her out on the town.

Clarise: I regret nothing!

While Jackson spent his time providing for his soon to be family, by making off like a bandit in every mansion he could find.

Jackson: I doubt they'll even miss it. *whistles to himself*

Then that inevitable day happened, it had taken them long enough.

Jackson: Do you think you could keep it down? I can't hear Trebek.

Jackson: What do you mean your water just broke?!

Clarise's screams weren't the only ones ringing out into the night. Jackson clearly had no idea what he had to do to help his poor wife. Which is why she was forced to drive herself while he took deep breaths into a paper bag. But after hours upon hours of waiting, the first child of the second generation finally arrived.

Meet Gemma Delaney, who's stats I won't get into until she reaches her toddler stage.

Jackson: I made that. It was all me. *shows off those guns*

Jackson: *wretches* Oh dear lord, it smells...

And it won't be the last time, I assure you.

Clarise: Ugh. Can I send it back?


Though when she wasn't crying or constantly craving attention, Clarise was quite fond of her baby girl.

Of course as soon as the child was placed in her crib, it naturally lead to this. On this occasion it would be Jackson's 'DO WANT' face, which of course was followed by more jingles.

Now what was Gemma interrupting every time she screamed for one of her parents? Their exercise routine of course. Clarise became obsessed with getting her figure back, yet she was oblivious to the fact that it was short lived.

Clarise: Oh god, not again.

Jackson: But I made them with love... *pouts*

Clearly it wasn't his cooking, considering he was getting better at it. But he has been giving into those cravings, not that she's really been able to keep any of it down in the process.

Clarise: I'm sorry, but the latest book he had published had to be by far the worst thing he's ever written.

Jackson: Oh no, no, no, no. Don't even go there.

Now the great debate did come to a close by these two agreeing over literary masterpieces. Once again neglecting their child who cried in the other room.

It was only then that I discovered where exactly one them left poor Gemma. I can already assume who the culprit was.

Gemma: So...cold..

Rarely does Jackson ever wander into the nursery. But after he takes care of the screaming larva, he always stops to sway to the music.

Thankfully this generation is coming along nicely now that Gemma is around.

Soon enough it was time to put a stop to the worthless larva stage in Gemma's life. And the party was in full swing. Jackson even managed to get past the fact that the man sitting next to him was still a worthless layabout.

Clarise: Clearly my cooking skills are far superior to yours in every way.
Kay: *minus*

Sadly, Clarise uses this party as an opportunity to diss everyone in sight.

And as you can see, everyone is clearly interested in seeing this bundle of joy age up.

Now it wouldn't be a birthday without that look on someone's face. And for the love of god, Kay. Your husband is right over there, tone it down a little. Damn.

Gemma: Get me away from these people or I will end you.

Clarise: Why is she still screaming?!

Could be over the soiled diaper she's sitting in, just saying.

And even though the rest of the party-goers went home. Kay apparently thought it was a good idea to stick around until 3 in the morning when Clarise kicked her ass out.

Clarise: I'm still better than you. *fondly rubs her stomach*

So here she is and clearly it's going to be so hard for me not to pick a favorite. But anyways, on with the show. She rolled good and grumpy, the good trait rarely makes its appearance. She enjoys pancakes, pop music and her favorite color is lime.

Stop it, Gemma.

Gemma: But I'm so alone. *pouts*

She reminds me more of Jackson than of Clarise. But I will say that she's a good blend of both of her parents.

And since Jackson knew the time was upon them, or at least he had the feeling. It was time to hire a babysitter and apparently he couldn't understand what services the kid was really offering.

Jackson: Of course I eat pancakes for breakfast, perhaps even lunch...dinner is possible too.

Random Teenager: Sir, you do know that I'm just a babysitter right? I usually don't cook fo-

Jackson: But I'm paying you. Start by writing all of this down.

Jackson: If you don't like pancakes, than you can kindly get the fuck out of my house. Write that down.

Random Teenager: *sighs*

And instead of leaving it up to the babysitter to look after her, Jackson spends most of his time carrying her everywhere. But it's shocking how good of a father he is, he seriously bypasses Clarise most of time when he comes home from work only to play with his little princess.

And when she finally popped, he looked to the wrong source for help.

Jackson: What do I do?!

Gemma: Blocks!

Jackson: That doesn't help me at all! *continues to panic*

What am I going to do with you?

And so ends this installment of the Delaney Legacy. Stay tuned for birth after birth and unfortunately a ton of birthdays.


Slaying God
slayinggod at 2011-07-11 16:07 (UTC) (Link)
Love it! Gemma is adorable! Can't wait for more :3
mahasen at 2011-09-05 15:18 (UTC) (Link)
Incredibly late comment is late. Sorry about that. But she really is and of course she's one of my favorites. So luckily I won't have to choose when an heir poll comes around.
Slaying God
slayinggod at 2011-09-05 16:35 (UTC) (Link)
not a problem :D when the heir poll is happening and one you don't like as much as the others is in the lead and you're like ;_; so hopefully she wins for you :3
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